Payment methods

Payment of orders
For your best service, you can pay for your order in one of the following ways:

1. COD (Valid only for orders with delivery in Greece or Cyprus)
Pay for your order when you receive it, with a small extra charge for the cash on delivery service. For orders delivered to Greece the additional cost is € 2. Cash on delivery service is an additional service and independent of the shipping price.

Please note that when you place an ORDER COD, in order for your order to be processed, we will be preceded by a phone call to the phone number you gave us, to confirm the order and that your details are real. If the customer does not respond, he receives a message (sms) and / or e-mail from us to contact us himself. If even then there is no communication, unfortunately for security reasons because there has been no confirmation that everything is real, the shipment of the order is NOT made and canceled. To avoid inconvenience and delay please check before completing your order, that the phone number you stated is the correct one.


Also in order to avoid any delay, please use an active and registered e-mail address (e-mail) as well as an available correct phone number in your order so that we can contact you if there is any problem with your order.


2. Bank Account Deposit (Valid only for orders with delivery within Greece)
You can pay for your order by depositing in one of our bank accounts:

Alpha Bank, Account No.: 871002002014340, IBAN: GR0601408710871002002014340, Beneficiary: Gougousoudis Athanasios and Co. OE
National Bank, IBAN: GR3801103300000033020169075, Beneficiary: Gougousoudis Athanasios and Co. OE


Note: In the Bank Deposit Form please enter your Name
In cases where the deposit is not made within two days from the day the order is placed, then the order is automatically canceled by the system. The cost of the bank supply, if any, is borne by the Customer.

3. Credit Card – Debit Card (Visa / Visa Electron / Mastercard / AMEX)
Pay for your order with your debit, prepaid or credit card, regardless of which bank it was issued, through the secure payment system of Eurobank!